To ensure that all employees receive adequate training in their areas of work and that the training is documented. It provides a procedure to identify, plan, execute and document training for personnel engaged in pharmaceutical manufacturing and its support activities
This is to subsequently ensure that the employees can perform entrusted duties effectively and in compliance with cGMP.
In order to initiate, retain and grow in a professional career, the rote of focused training is indispensible. We Offer following training programs:

  1. Training Schedule Preparation
  2. Training Programme Matrix
  3. CFR 210 & 211
  4. European Pharmaceutical
  5. ASEAN Member Country Regulations
  6. Japanese Pharmaceutical Regulations
  7. Q7 (For API manufacturer)
  8. Ayurvedic and Herbal Product Manufactures
  9. Cosmetic Manufactures
  10. Pharmaceutical Educational Institutes
  11. On Job training
  12. Training to Departmental heads to certify as internal trainer
  13. Specialize training for QC, QA & Manufacturing
  14. GMP related topics / Guidelines
  15. (e.g. HVAC, water system qualification, OOS, SOP preparation, regulatory requirements while Specification designing, Analytical method Validation, procedure validation etc)


  1. The facility is operating under GMP or equivalent conditions.
  2. Adequate number of personnel who have the need for training.
  3. Organization chart and job descriptions (helpful).
  4. Clearly defined process and process operations